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Paint Correction Stage 1

This service is as the ‘Protection Detail’ but also for those requiring an outstanding, fresh vibrant finish to their paintwork. A single stage machine polish will vastly reduce holograms, light scratches and swirl marks. Whether your car is new or used, this premium detail package will produce exceptional results.

  • Pre-wash snow foam to loosen any dirt prior to washing, which would normally inflict scratches and paint defects
  • 2 bucket wash using 100% sheepskin mitts including all door/boot shuts
  • All parts of the wheels cleaned with ‘acid free’ cleansers
  • Wheels arches cleaned and protected
  • Paintwork is clayed to remove bonded environmental contaminants
  • 2 bucket wash again using 100% sheepskin mitts
  • Car is hand dried with plush microfiber towels
  • Paintwork corrected by machine to reduce holograms, light scratches, swirl marks and revitalise faded oxidised paint
  • Prewax cleanser / glaze applied by hand to ensure paintwork is free from polishing oils and further enhance the vibrant ‘wet look’
  • Premium carnauba wax or premium paint sealant applied by hand to protect paintwork (multilayers available if required)
  • Sealant applied to wheels to protect from brake dust
  • Windows polished inside and out
  • Interior hoovered and dusted
  • Any interior/exterior metalwork polished
  • Any interior/exterior rubbers/plastics protected
  • Tyres dressed and protected

Small vehicle (Mini, Audi TT) £250

2 door vehicle (Toyota Supra, BMW 3 Series) £325

4 door vehicle (BMW 5 Series) £400

4X4 vehicle  From £425


*Prices shown are for guidance only. Model of car and condition will always affect the amount of time spent