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What is Car Detailing

Car valeting is a term we are used to hearing, but what is Car Detailing? Car Detailing involves extreme car cleaning, cleaning parts of the car that wouldn’t normally be cleaned. A detail is far more extensive than just washing and drying and will often involve many steps. Main goals are typically beautification and protection. This is achieved by paintwork correction, minor paint repair, thoroughly cleaning the engine bay and under chassis, glass, wheels, tyres, trim, door and boot shuts, leather repair and restoration and applying the very best, car care protection products, to ensure a lasting easy to maintain finish.

Paintwork correction is primarily achieved with the use of high speed machine polishers, known as a rotary or dual action polisher. Varying polishing compounds and pad structures are used to remove swirls, scratches, holograms and revitalise faded paint. The level of clarity that can be restored from dull, faded or scratched car paint when an understanding of car care products, a safe approach and many years developing professional machine polishing techniques are applied, will leave you with a show winning car to be proud of!

"This is the type of person i like working on my car, he takes pride in his work"