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Ferrari F430 Spyder


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Christian’s professional and experienced approach towards car detailing enables him to offer a range of unique treatments. Swirl marks, scratches, holograms, faded paint, environmental fallout and machine buffer marks all contribute to light unevenly reflecting off the paint surface. By decontaminating (claying) and carefully re-levelling the surface by a few microns (paintwork correction) using a paint thickness gauge, all of the above can be removed, where possible. Allowing light to perfectly reflect off a restored un-oxidised surface. Finishing polishes and glazes further enhance the gloss, depth and clarity of the paint. Waxes will provide a shorter durability but fantastic warmth and depth. Ceramic coatings will offer highly reflective and slick, hydrophobic protection for years. Whilst XPEL's cutting edge paint protection film (PPF) technology provides the ultimate armour for your pride and joy. Invisible Touch Detailing can offer every solution for your choice.

Choosing a car detailing service from Invisible Touch Detailing increases your cars resale value, when compared with an expensive re-spray which can dramatically reduce the car originality and resale desire.

Any car detailing package can be tailored to suit your requirements, please click the links to see examples of treatments offered by Invisible Touch Detailing or contact us directly to discuss your individual requirements.

Maintenance Detail

Protection Detail

Paint Correction Stage 1

Paint Correction Stage 2


XPEL Paint Protection Film (PPF)


"Cleaning the car is a joy now, its so easy to get looking good"