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"I purchased a 3 year old VW Golf Mk5 with black paintwork which wasn’t it’s best showing lots of swirls. I wanted to get the car looking like new and then be able to maintain that condition going forward. I was impressed by how good the paintwork had come up on other cars carried out by Invisible Touch Detailing and decided it would be money well spent. I wasn’t disappointed the paintwork is now in great condition and car looks like new."



Porsche GT3 RS

"The RS was ‘suffering’ from some 15 track days and, although cleaned after every event, was showing signs of heavy use. The wheels and rear wings were particularly dirty and in great need of attention.  Wax alone is not enough and Christian applied his obvious passion for car detailing even to using clay on the inside of the wheels! The car now looks better than when delivered new and is almost too good to take out on the roads..."


BMW 330 Convertible

BMW 330 Convertible

"Having a convertible has always been a pleasure of mine especially in the summer months. I bought the car from new and over the years have maintained it to a certain standard and tried to keep it clean and polished (and always performed by hand). The car has been regularly serviced by BMW who also give it a smashing clean, however the work that has been carried out by Invisible Touch Detailing is absolutely sensational and beyond all my expectations! The paintwork looks brand new and back to its best and the wheels are in the best condition since new, the Engine looks like its just been replaced and as for the leather (having two young kids) I am amazed at how that has turned out. ITD have turned my car from a nice old girl into a little stunner,making heads turn all over again!!"


Toyota Supra

Toyota Supra

"I take a lot of pride in my car and since getting it the swirls and faded paint has let the car down until Christian worked his magic. I'm truly amazed by what Christian has done with it, the car has a wet look to it now and he has removed so many imperfections in the paint I'm astounded. Cleaning the car is a joy now, its so easy to get looking good. This is the type of person i like working on my car, he takes pride in his work and i like that. I would not hesitate in recommending Invisible Touch Detailing."


Land Rover

Strut Range Rover

"When I look down the glistening bonnet of a new car my heart swells. However after time, faded paint, swirlmarks and the sense of occasion is soon gone.
Christian worked his magic for nearly 6 hours on my Black Range Rover but by the end of the session the paint had a deep sheen and once again just looking at the car induced a sense of well being."


Toyota Supra

Toyota Supra

"Christian is very well respected for his high quality workmanship amongst the Mkiv Supra community and for this reason he was first choice to detail my car. After Christian had spent a solid ten hours on my car, I was really impressed with the results. I would recommend his services to anyone that is looking for a professional service and quality job."